Artificial Insemination Torremolinos

Artificial Insemination Clinic Torremolinos

In Ochoa IVF, we carry out insemination treatments using the most innovative methods, techniques and equipment. What has made it possible for us to be a Torremolinos artificial insemination reference clinic for a wide range of couples who want to be parents.

If you are trying to get pregnant and have problems, come to our clinic. We will carry out the most exhaustive analyzes to start with the insemination treatment that gets greater chances of success for your particular case.

Be advised by our specialists in insemination; we are a clinic located in Marbella, which thanks to our methods, professionals, and results, it has become a reference artificial insemination clinic Torremolinos.

Artificial Insemination Torremolinos

Are you thinking about starting an artificial insemination treatment in Torremolinos? At IVF Ochoa, we have a medical team with over 18 years of experience in carrying out insemination treatments in couples of Torremolinos who want to have a baby.

We are located in Marbella, and there are more and more people from different cities around who come to our artificial insemination clinic to start their treatment. Learn without obligation; we will advise you on everything you need, besides, now the first visit is free.

Our Artificial Insemination Techniques

Conjugal Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination with your partner semen, technique based in the placement of sperm from the partner, previously selected, in the uterus of the woman

Donor Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination with donor semen, technique based in the placement of sperms from a semen bank in the uterus of the woman.

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About Artificial Insemination

What is it?

Artificial insemination is an introduction of a previously prepared in a laboratory semen sample (whether partner’s or donor’s) into the uterus, at the moment of the patient’s ovulation.

When is it prescribed?

This treatment is advisable in the following cases:

  • When slight abnormalities have been detected in a partner’s sperm sample.
  • When any abnormalities have been detected in the ovulation process, in case of absence of contraindications.
  • For couples with sterility of unknown origin, in case of absence of contraindications.

When is it prescribed to use donor sperm?

The donor sperm is used when:

  • A woman doesn’t have a male partner.
  • There have been detected serious abnormalities in the partner’s sperm sample.

Artificial Insemination Treatment Torremolinos

Artificial insemination phases


To obtain the best results, it is recommended to stimulate ovulation. We slightly stimulate the follicular development and calculate the exact moment of ovulation.


We follow up the process, with regular ultrasound examinations and blood analysis, to determine the   required medicine doses and define the exact treatment day.


Once the ovulation process is triggered, we introduce the semen sample into the uterus. This procedure is carried out in a laboratory environment, with the minimal disturbances to the patient.

Why Choose Ochoa IVF for Artificial Insemination Torremolinos?

Our broad experience as an artificial insemination clinic Torremolinos makes us one of the most chosen centers for couples who want to be parents. We provide artificial insemination treatments at the hand of a professional medical team, attentive to every need that may arise and aware of the most innovative methods to achieve the highest success rate.

Come to Ochoa IVF, your specialized artificial insemination clinic Torremolinos. Be advised by experts in fertility and reproduction treatments. Now the first visit is completely free.