Embryo Donation Marbella

Today, thanks to the donation of embryos by couples who have achieved pregnancy with assisted reproduction treatments, many women from Marbella and other cities around have been able to realize their dream of being mothers.

And, with this type of treatment, the probability of pregnancy is around 40%. Well, it’s about surplus vitrified embryos that come from couples that have already undergone in vitro fertilization treatments and have become pregnant.

Embryo Donation Marbella


And why do they donate embryos? The answer is straightforward, and is that if they have been able to fulfill their dream of being mothers with their current partner, why not help other couples to create a new family? These couples decide to donate the remaining embryos in a legal, anonymous, and generous way.

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Reception and/or Adoption of Embryos

What does it consist of?

The donation of embryos consists of the transfer of embryos to a patient, from another couple who, having previously undergone assisted reproduction treatments, as is the case of the embryos used from IVF cycles (in vitro fertilization), they decide to donate them in a legal, anonymous and altruistic way to help create another family.

In what cases is it indicated?

This type of treatment is indicated in the following cases:

  • Women with early ovarian failure or who have had to undergo surgery, chemo, and radiotherapy.
  • Couples that contain severe genetic diseases, which have a high percentage of transmission and can not be prevented by other procedures.
  • Cases in which other reproductive treatments have failed.
  • When after carrying out embryo implantation several times, pregnancy has not been achieved.

On the other hand, for this type of treatment to be carried out, the couple that gives up the embryos must comply with the legal requirements.

How is the embryo reception procedure?

In summary, the woman who is going to receive the donated embryos is given a hormonal treatment for an adequate transfer of the embryos in the uterine cavity through the vagina.

And in which, to avoid possible multiple gestations, the number of embryos that are transferred must not exceed three in the same cycle.

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