Learn about your fertility

When is it necessary to visit the fertility specialist?

In general, if you didn’t manage to get pregnant after a year of regular intercourse without use of contraceptives, it is recommended to consult with the fertilization specialist. Although, if the woman is over 36, the period is six months.

Basic Study on Fertility

How many people find it problematic to conceive a child?

According to the statistics, about 15% of couples meet the difficulty of conceiving a child. A phenomenon of prorogue maternity is one of the most important reasons of this problem, together with the pace of life and everyday stress. Meanwhile, the percentage of masculine infertility is growing as well, reflecting in the declining sperm quality.

Is it possible to cure infertility?

Fortunately, the majority of infertility causes are curable, but it is essential to perform the medical investigation so that to define the reasons of infertility, and choose the correspondent treatment to obtain the best results.

What is the objective of the initial medical investigation?

The initial medical investigation is focused on diagnosing the causes that have provoked couple’s infertility. Once we know them, we can offer personalized treatment that will be suitable precisely under the existing circumstances of the couple that decided to visit IVF Ochoa.

What are its components?

  • The initial medical consultation with the gynaecologist that will allow us to collect all the necessary information about your medical case, together with the medical records of your family.
  • Carrying out the necessary tests and/or treatments, if required.
  • Gynaecological ultrasound examination
  • Seminogramm
  • Hormonal analysis
  • Test results delivery consultation: a gynaecologist will explain you the results of the tests and will provide you with information about possible treatments according to the tests results.

Comprehensive Study on Fertility

Is it necessary?

In some cases, the gynaecologist can require the additional tests.

What tests does comprehensive study include?

  • Study on anti mullerian hormone (AMH)
  • CMS test (the count of motile sperm)
  • FISH study of sperm