IVF with donor eggs and/or donor sperm Marbella

At FIV Ochoa, we offer IVF treatments with donor ovules in Marbella by specialists with extensive experience and knowledge of the most innovative and advanced techniques.

We carry out the in vitro fertilization treatment that is most likely to be successful in each specific case. In some cases, an IVF treatment with ovules of a healthy and young donor must be carried out. As in other cases, it is necessary to perform an IVF treatment with donor sperm.

In our clinic, we perform fertility and infertility tests to look for the in vitro fertilization technique suitable for you and your partner. This allows us to carry out in each case IVF treatments with ovules and/or donor semen in Marbella with the highest probability of success.

Consult your case without commitment in our clinic. We will find the treatment you need to be able to achieve your pregnancy.

Egg Donation Marbella

What is it?

The in-vitro fertilization with donor eggs therapy is actually a replacement of patient’s eggs with the eggs of a healthy and young donor.

When is it prescribed?

This treatment is especially advisable in the following situations:

  • For women with low ovarian reserve.
  • For couples that have tried the IVF cycles before with negative outcome, the reason of which was  low reaction of woman’s body and/or low quality of eggs.
  • For couples without male partner or single women, when a woman has genetic pathology and the usage of her own eggs is not advisable.

IVF with donor eggs and/or donor sperm. Steps

Egg donation in Spain is performed on an altruistic and anonymous basis. Our donors are young women (18-35 years old) physically and mentally healthy.

It is the clinic’s responsibility to choose the most compatible donor for each recipient.

To increase the chances of success, it is necessary  to stimulate the ovulation . This will allow us to obtain more eggs and to detect the exact time of their maturation.

Then the ovarian puncture is performed, in a hospital environment and with the use of sedatives. The retrieved eggs are fertilized in the laboratory and embryos  received are cultivated in vitro with the objective of picking up the most promising ones.

Meanwhile, a woman should prepare her body for the embryos placement. The endometrial preparation consists in taking estrogen pills or skin patch and  progesterone (vaginally).

The remaining steps of the treatment are performed as a classical in-vitro fertilization treatment.