FIV OCHOA, Takes you By The Hand

Hello, my name is Fiona, I’m the international patient coordinator for the assisted reproduction programs at FIV Ochoa Hospital Marbella

After more than 25 years of experience, my job is to assist you through your journey of ivf with information, guidance and support making the process as stress free as possible.

I have worked with the highest level of professionals in their field in Italy, United Kingdom and now in Spain.  Our team of doctors, and embryologists are waiting to welcome you and offer the best treatment available:


Call me (or WhatsApp) on: 0034. 690 28 69 65.


OCHOA IVF, In-vitro fertilization clinic in Marbella.

Every day our specialists in fertility do their best to fulfil your dream of being a mother. To make it easier for you, we’ve made an initial medical consultation free with spermiogram included in it.

Besides, we are glad to offer you very reasonable prices in all our treatments: artificial insemination, fertility study, embryo donation, egg freezing, egg IVF/donor’s sperm, IVF in Marbella and an interest-free financing above all. As we have an interesting interest-free financing so that nothing stops your decision to be a mom.

If you want to start with an assisted reproduction treatment, at FIV Ochoa, we will be happy to receive you and advise you on everything you need. Request an appointment without commitment and come to our facilities, the first visit is free.

Free initial medical consultation

Make a step to your dream

Your visit doesn't oblige you to take decision

We will be glad to explain you all the opportunities you, personally, have to create a family

Interest-free financing

Your treatment is easier now. In all the senses.

We want to help you

That’s why we offer an interest-free financing of your treatment up to 9 months, and for periods up to 20 months – financing with very favourable conditions

Hospital environment

Let the best specialists take care of your treatment

You deserve safety in all the aspects

All the treatments are performed in a hospital environment. We provide a 24-hours emergency physician

Make an appointment

Call us on 951 20 46 88 or 638 77 11 14

Or leave us your phone number and we call you

With the full support of Ochoa Hospital

The assisted reproduction unit in Marbella of the Hospital Clínica Ochoa is renewed to offer its patients the best-personalized treatment, and the highest probability of success in all assisted reproduction treatments. All this within a hospital environment with new, safe, and comfortable facilities.

And also, a team of doctors formed by specialists in the field of gynecology and fertility with more than 18 years of experience in private medicine. This allows us to provide all couples with professional, specialized, and personalized treatment.

At FIV Ochoa we will take care of you, and we will make the treatment as bearable as possible. Accompanying you from the first moment and during the whole process and duration of the treatment. The warmth, kindness, and confidence are the values that define our clinic.

healthcare professionals
equipped square metres
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emergency care
experience in private medicine

Meet FIV Ochoa, a Assisted Reproduction Clinic in Marbella

Our modern equipment and comfortable facilities will make you feel relaxed and safe . You will find  more than 6.000 m2 with 24-hours emergency care all year round at your disposal, in the very centre of Marbella. And a team of professionals with extensive experience and references in in-vitro fertilization treatments.

At FIV Ochoa we want your IVF treatment in Marbella to be as bearable as possible, and that you can always have the advice of fertility specialists.

Meet our Team of Professionals

Fertility Specialists Marbella

An attentive and professional team formed by doctors and specialists in gynecology and fertility with great experience.

Facilities of our In vitro Fertilization Clinic

In Vitro Fertilizacion Facilities Marbella

The most advanced, modern, and innovative technology at your service. A safe, comfortable, and trustworthy clinic.

When is it Necessary to go to the specialist?

 Gynecology and Fertility Specialist Marbella

Know your fertility and all the assisted reproduction treatments available in our clinic in the hands of our excellent medical team.