In Vitro Fertilization Fuengirola

Specialists in In Vitro Fertilization Fuengirola

From FIV Ochoa we offer in vitro fertilization treatments Fuengirola by a medical team formed by professionals and specialists in assisted reproduction treatments.

With us you have at your disposal the quality and professionalism that you are looking for in in vitro fertilization treatments Fuengirola. We use advanced equipment and techniques to maximize the chances of success of all IVF treatments performed.

In Vitro Fertilization Fuengirola

We are an in vitro fertilization clinic located in Marbella with many cases of IVF treatments in couples who have difficulties in having a baby. What has made it possible that today we are a reference clinic in in vitro fertilization in Fuengirola for many couples.

In FIV Ochoa we offer in vitro fertilization treatments Fuengirola at a very competitive price and with the possibility of financing. If you have difficulties to get pregnant and you want to start an IVF treatment Fuengirola, let yourself be advised by our specialists in in vitro fertilization.

In Vitro Fertilization Treatment Fuengirola

What does it consist of?

The in-vitro fertilization is the process of  egg fertilization under laboratory conditions, and/or  further transplantation of one or two embryos received to the patient´s uterus.

When is it prescribed?

This treatment is particularly suitable under the following circumstances:

  • For women with any kind of fallopian tube blockage.
  • When serious abnormalities were detected in the sample of the partner’s sperm.
  • For couples without male partner or for single women that didn’t reach the pregnancy through artificial insemination, or as well for cases of sterility with the unknown origin.
  • For couples that are interested in a pre-implantion genetic diagnosis.

In-vitro fertilization steps

I. Ovarian Stimulation
II. Ovarian Puncture
III. In Vitro fertilization and Culture of the Oocytes
IV. Embryo Transfer
V. Cryopreservation of remaining Embryos

More information about phases

IVF Clinic Fuengirola

Our facilities are located in Marbella and more and more couples Fuengirola request their first visit with us. Our great experience, professionalism and number of success stories has made it possible for us today to be a reference IVF clinic Fuengirola.

If you are looking for an in vitro fertilization clinic Fuengirola, in FIV Ochoa we can help you. Contact us without obligation. Find out about our procedures, services and the financing possibilities we offer with each treatment.

With FIV Ochoa, your in vitro fertilization treatment Fuengirola will be much more bearable. Let yourself be advised by our specialists.

Why Choose us as In Vitro Fertilization Clinic Fuengirola?

In FIV Ochoa we offer in vitro fertilization treatments by a professional team, specialized and with more than 18 years of experience in assisted reproduction techniques and treatments. We are a reference clinic in in vitro fertilization, inform yourself without obligation.

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