Freezing of Ovules Marbella

What is Oocyte Vitrification?

The vitrification of oocytes, or freezing of ovules, is the technique that allows women to preserve their fertility so that in the future, they should not give up being mothers with their own genes.

You know the day will come when you’ll be ready to be a mom. As you are very aware that female fertility is closely linked with age. Being from the age of 35, the number and quality of the ovules are drastically reduced. Therefore, in FIV Ochoa, we offer you the possibility of preserving your ovules and freezing them until the time comes when you are safe and prepared to be a mother.

Freezing Ovules Marbella

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We can Save your Ovules for when you want to be Mom
What does it consist of?

The ovules freezing is an efficient and safe technique that allows saving the ovules in the years of higher fertility to achieve a pregnancy at older ages. Ages in which female fertility may already be reduced. So that genetics is transmitted without having to resort to donor eggs when their own are no longer fertile.

At what age is it recommended?

The ideal age to freeze good quality ovules is before the age of 35 since it is from there when the quality of the ovules worsens rapidly, being generally very low after 40 years.

The ovules can be kept intact in liquid nitrogen during the entire fertile life of the woman, obtaining survival rates higher than 90% at the time of thawing. It is necessary to take into account that to achieve the best results using this technique, it is recommended before 36-38 years.

In what cases is it recommended?
  • Women who, due to personal reasons and others, must postpone their motherhood.
  • Women who have fought against cancer, because the oncological treatments they are subjected cause irreversible damage to their ovaries.
  • Women who have had to perform surgery on their ovary and their fertility is compromised.

Preservation of Fertility in Oncological Patients

Per a report published in 2014 by the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology, approximately 215,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year in Spain. In women, breast cancer is the most common type, accounting for up to 30% of oncological patients.

Fortunately, more and more people are winning the fight against this disease. As an example, according to the Spanish Association against Cancer, in Spain, breast cancer survival to 5 years stands at 82.8%, above the European average.

Often, the oncological treatments to which these patients must be submitted, consist of radio and chemotherapy, those causing irreversible damage to their ovaries, and therefore, drastically reducing or abolishing their future reproductive capacity.

For this reason, it is necessary to raise awareness in society that in many types of cancer, it is possible to preserve motherhood before these treatments.

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What is the process of the Ovules Freezing in Marbella?

The preservation of fertility is based on a straightforward process, which involves a few days, and during which you can continue to make your healthy life. The procedure is the same as for the treatment of In Vitro Fertilization, with the small difference that the ovules will be stored until you decide to use them.

In summary, the procedure for freezing eggs in Marbella would be:

The stimulation of the ovulation of the woman and the extraction of the oocytes by ultrasound in the process of about ten minutes in a completely painless way and without hospital risk. And afterward, the ovules will remain strictly identified with your personal data in the laboratory of the fertility unit of our clinic.

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