The generosity of donors allows couples to overcome medical conditions, develop single-mother projects and new family models.

Young families, large families, single-mother families, families with two mothers, families that are realised after 40 … Diverse families, in short, to whom today we want to wish a happy day from the FIV Ochoa team with a special thanks to all those that have allowed us to be part of their life project.

Today we want to pay tribute to those women who decide to venture alone into the world of motherhood and to those couples who, thanks to the generosity of donors, manage to avoid genetic conditions, overcome diseases or gains time after 40.

Fighting against infertility

We acknowledge couples who do not throw in the towel, who fight against infertility and rearm themselves day by day to achieve pregnancy and also those women who jointly get their baby thanks to techniques such as the ROPA method that allows one of them to gestate the egg donated by the other.

Families that grow thanks to embryo donation. Families that are desired in the heart and that germinate in the hands of our embryologists. Families that are and families that will be.

Families that give meaning to our existence.