IVF Ochoa is committed to the family in all its forms, putting the latest medical advances at the service of life

They say that trips are enjoyed 3 times. When they are planned, when they are lived and when they are remembered. Something similar happens with motherhood. From the moment you consider starting a family, something changes inside you. You enter mother mode and begin to reorganize your life project but sometimes, as in any adventure, complications arise that are beyond your control.

The key to getting around the obstacles is to have the right travel companions. From FIV Ochoa, our assisted reproduction centre in Marbella, we are ready to undertake the adventure with you and for this we will pack all the tools that we have at our fingertips.

From In Vitro Fertilization to treatments with egg or sperm donation. Embryo donation, the preservation of male and female fertility and the application of the latest advances in the field of genetics will be the tools with which to overcome the problems that may arise.

New families

We believe in family in all its forms. We support the single-parent model and are committed to diversity by supporting shared motherhood in female homosexual couples with the development of the ROPA method.

At FIV Ochoa we like challenges. We are tenacious and persevering. We will investigate until we find the key to achieve the longed-for pregnancy. We will accompany you in the project to be part of it and remind you in the most complicated moments that difficult roads are those that lead to beautiful destinations.

Shall we start?